Dirac’s Consideration

Dirac composed 3 conjectures about universal proportion:

𝐺 ∝ 1/t 𝑀 ∝ t^2 𝑘∊𝐾 ∝ t

That gravitation is inverse proportional to the age of the universe That mass is proportional to the square of the universal age That all physical constants vary proportionally to the age of the universe

Dicke realized that Dirac’s relation could be a selection effect: fundamental physical laws connect G to the lifetime of what are called main sequence stars, such as our Sun, and these stars, according to Dicke, are necessary for the existence of life.[7] At any other epoch, when the equality did not hold, there would be no intelligent life around to notice the discrepancy. This was the first modern application of what is now called the weak anthropic principle.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine-tuned_universe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(numbers)


I have to say that I appreciate this little symbol, ∝ It’s the notation for ‘proportional to’ . That idea gets used lots. The form of it is also form of lemniscate curve, being similar to the Infinity symbols (which is the lemniscate of Bernoulli)

§Bi-directional Causation in the Universal Topology

Because of the M5 work of Bob/Brenda/PEAR, I do assume a bidirectional causation between consciousness and reality — and as such, then ‘curvature of universal topology’, IMO, does more than illustrate growth and change of the universe. Such ‘curvature’ is determined by consciousness, in an active way.

Thus diagrammatic composition of mind and spirit, as they relate to time and events, (e.g. this one by AK Vaino) IMO are part of the roadmap to understanding a mereology to the somatic and linguistic forms of ritual.

§Holofractal Plank-Sphere Units

The boundary of the universe is the holographic ergosphere in whatever N-dimensional topos we exist. That holographic surface ‘self’-integrates to yield every PSU in existence. I haven’t read all of Nassim et. al. work, but i presume the oscillation of PSUs is analogous to the surface of water rippling, but where the surface is ‘very high dimensional’ and the source of the waves is the holographic ergo-sphere/topos. Presuming the ergosphere has structure, such would form the whole holofractal structure, to the PSUs, and the domain of that structure would seem (IMO) to be the Broglie Bohm pilot wave[s].

(Incidentally, that universal ergosphere is akin to the ain-soph-aur structure of light, via kabbalah)

i should not proclaim i know, but IMO I don’t think the couder wave/drop experiment is a ‘hydrodynamic quantum analogue’. I would look for a better-integrated phenomenon, like

  • if sonoluminescence could recatalyze or strongly reinfluence itself.
  • or if there were a stable hydrodynamic equilibrium that demonstrated the tidal connection to the Allais effect.

Mostly because i think this would demosntrate the mechanics of the casimir force at holofractal scales - that is to say, in quantized structures larged than the atomic or subatomic scale.

The epistemology of error in system-analogues is often the attribution of source. In the holofractal model we have an source of that spin, which is each higher order mechanics (toward ‘newtonian stuff’) along with the impulse of consciousness (life) — which is a HF subdivision (IMO as envelopes) originating from the total integration of the whole system, including ‘time’/whatever, as such is ‘the Mind of God’

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