Macroscopic Envelopes of Race

§Macroscope and Race as Scale

The vita for this line of thinking, in part, came from a recent study on the mechanism of anesthesia in the state of consciousness. Namely that lipid rafts are the holographic lenses of the cell, and form a holographic unity of biophotons.

Each race has a role, and is probably more individuated in that role than multiculturalism and globalism would like (since globalism can only be sovereign if race and the role of each nation is blurred, thus reducing the individual sovereignty of each).

e.g. the typical ‘nigger-ape’ canard is just a celebration of one’s own racial strengths…. but avoids mention of the strengths the black race has: physical power, and rhythm/music among them. Ironically, where this racial contrast leads some whites to look at blacks as beasts for burden, the same situation plays out with the ‘true orthodox jew position’ on the role of races / goyim. (IMO, most of the shouters are probably unhappy with the expectations of their racial role, or secretly harbour interracial desires that they are uncomfortable to explore or don’t know how to while maintained said role.)

and we would say it’s “ironic” that (nazi-)whites would look at blacks as beasts-of-burden, and then hate ‘jews’ for looking at them in the same way.

Maybe “ironic” things are actually holofractal truths? and the unexpected natural of them is what makes for the ‘funny’ part of irony?

The deeper truth of it all is in a science of #mitochondriacs , and the mechanism by which each race has adapted to processing light and energy of the land and environment around them. Something quite more ancient and mystical. I rather recognize that each race has a role in mechanism of Creation.

to pull the recent topic from #mitochondriacs - each race is maybe a ‘lipid raft’ on the cellular surface of the earth….. collectively holographing the consciousness of gaia (edited)

‘biophoton receptors’ for ‘gravity waves’ and ‘dark matter’ pulsations

This blends to the topic of purebreed genetics. It seems the biggest danger is with the ends of be bell curve

§The Infamous Jewish Question

The “Jewish Question” (JQ) is in fact, a 3-part book on the study of anti-semitism. In some essence, it’s a mix of well-researched quotes by Jews acknowledging the complexity of the Jews history and places in society, along with extremely skillful NLP that places antisemitic ‘leaps’ in strategic locations. It is what ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ always wanted to be.

As an example of its NLP, it misappropriates history of work among jews, as moneyhandlers in various forms, to be a demonstration of inherent evil in jews towards others. It’s one of the books least-skillful handling of canards. Rather, Jews being more likely to be persecuted, were less likely to work a land (be farmers) themselves because of the risk to life and injury. This disposed them to work traveling jobs. Their culutral predisposition to mystical maths reinforced other uses for those maths in mundane counting of worldly things - leading toward work as scribes, vizers, bookkeepers, accountants, and then money-handlers.

Overall, the text reinforces Jews in fact have become good at the same things sought after by most other human coherencies, such as races, creeds, and other coherent groups. As JQ points out, Jews have remained a coherent group against pressures of time, war, cultures, and other struggles - and in a way that perhaps no other group has shown coherency.

In fact, the successful qualities that jews demonstrate are themselves the ideals that all traditionalist groups seek for their groups or race. In this way we might neutrally see that it is a spectrum of development that all groups aim to achieve and exceed. This then allows us to consider antisemitism is purely a competitive action. JQ demonstrates this as well, illustrating how non-jewish groups tend to competitively mirror these behaviors in the anti-semitic progression.

§Crime and Dimming of One’s Light

Any race or creed that forms a coherent group structure (esp. over time) will lend itself to a crime syndicate. We see the same thing in ‘military contractor’ networks, which are crime syndicate structures – the same that Trump is part of and whom are currently the US gov administration. Looking at the stock market and other economic indicators, it’s clear that the bread-winners of mafia-style activity are war, oil and pharma. (interest is it’s own space in the markets, but it’s not winning by that comparison)

obv. a ‘creed’ group rather than racial, which from a morphogenesis POV would mean they would lack the depth metaphysics that comes from racial memory and genomic attunement to one of the phases/fraction of the gaian being, and all of the resultant metaphysics for that group. “Those whom mother africa has not touched do not speak with Chango”, etc.

This was my point about the maximalization of any race or creed nature, in being aligned with their group-beingness - and from that manifesting a unique knowledge and relationship with the structure of the Divine, that is to say the ‘gifts’ that each group bears in their following of what is a pure and correct path. One which therefore has some fractality with the universe itself.

Down the track of arguing that ‘israel’ or ‘jews’ are the ‘global mafia superpower’ we just get back to the JQ premise, and that other ‘coherent groups’ are simply competing — and not as well, yet, thus are basically just jelly. But as we see through catharsis/etc, jealousy is just self-hate. JQ seems to careful skirt this but not eliminate it. Anti-semitism is a strategy for another race/group to attempt to overcome the successful activities of Jews for 2000+ years. it is insufficient because it presume the need to overcome. It presumes zero-sum game and is attached to a confusing canard of ‘who is chosen’ by making it a NLP tactic against jews yet espouse aryan superiority. As such it exposes another fault of misunderstanding the unique, maybe mitochondrial, structure of how one’s group manifests their facet of the divine totality — each group having a path toward maximal development. Competition is thus just a disguise for the inhibition of self, and the attempt the fraud of externalizing one’s faults onto others outside the coherent-group (race/creed)

The point is not to defend deficits of any person or group, nor organized corruption and greed; but rather to understand the ideal / apotheosis of each race/creed in a non-zero-sum manner. Nor to have anyone personally identify with ‘they have a strength so I must reduce their strength in order that I have a better strength’. Seeking for the perfect olypmic sportsmanship, at the inflection of race and holofractal.

§The Language of Canard

You skirted my point about jews acting in a parasitic manner within a larger framework of open and meritocratic ethics. The “success” of the Jewish community is therefore due to the open ethical framework of personal merit, which characterises northern European civilisation and is quite possibly tied to northern hunter gatherer DNA.

You at best lay an argument that northern Europeans should form their own racial moral community from which they exclude the jews. Which means that your framework is at best an outline for the manifestation of the NSDAP.

Which is counter to the option i proposed that jewry should instead enter into the open, meritocratic, northern European framework of a moral community. By opting for conflict, and inter group competition (instead of individual conflicts within a communal group structure, European style), you open a can if worms that threatens the survival of the Jewish people.

Now the genetic argument that Jews cannot assimilate into the European nations is of course the original meaning of antisemitism, where anti-semites argued that jews were a separate nation and thus should be excluded from the European nations (and as a consequence should have their own nation, aka Zionism).

And either position works. Either jews are not special, an can accept to enter into the European bund (emancipation, assimilation and Republicanism in the French sense), or they are special and should live in their own state (antisemitism and Zionism).

But you can’t have it both ways.

This argument was laid aside because of that german incident, but as everything else that was put aside because of that, it seems to resurface. I have here not made an original argument, but merely re-stated the arguments that were central to the public debate the last time this was a part of the public discourse.

So dear sir, are you an antisemitic proponent of nazi ideas, aka a Zionist; or are you ready to embrace the notion of individual merit and personal character as the main ethical framework and dissolve Judaism, to emancipate the Jews from their superstition, barbarity and rabbinical tyranny?

Which one is it?

The argument does not skirt this point, actually. Jews (like any coherent group) act to maximalize relative to their role in gaia / universal totality. That’s not parasitic, even when other groups do not maximilize themselves. When they don’t maximalize, memebers of a race or creed can start to look at others that are successful in negative forms. That doesn’t mean those opinions are correct.

§Self-Imposed Limitation

how is it ‘divine beauty’ when some of the maximization comes through the subjugation of outsiders (i.e. the ‘farming tax’ or ‘usury’ or whatever other funnel-up-scheme that has been put into place vis-a-vis the ruling class for eons)? that is not harmonic, it is disharmonic

no one should assert that abuses of others is harmonic / accordant, nor acting toward one’s maximalizaation.

I think the hard-road here is when some people ‘act as cattle’ (dim / de-max themselves). They act under their own limits and threshold. If ‘your own’ actions truly do not interfere with those-others, then it might be the best-possible maximalization of all (you trying toward max, they not, you not interfering) even if this happens, the reality of your point is that people become corrupt and act to maintain others under subjugation. ‘a disinterest to return to farming when others now manage their own farms’

§One’s Role in Maximalization of Wholeness

Even JQ (coming from it’s POV) identifies success of jews, and it as the reason for jealousy of other groups.

it means each member of a race/creed tries to be their best. (except for the assholes) And the group has emergent developments because of that. Some of those ‘look divine’ because sufficiently-advanced-technology makes things look divine when you don’t understand science/metaphyics/holofractal.

For those that do not get that (even), and then they layer on jealousy, it’s even worse. They keep projecting their own failures on another group.

the canard: You at best lay an argument that northern Europeans should form their own racial moral community from which they exclude the jews

In essencem yes. The same for each race and creed. It is an argument for ‘home,’ which most human-rights efforts now understand must be ensured in order to minimize damage to the psyche of individual and group. It seems it is the format for maximalization of each. Their own max-resonance connection with the Divine. Not competitive (warring) but beautiful in exclusive manners.

(wars will happen, of course, because individuals can be awful shitty people that lack cathartic self-development)

Every race/creed needs their space, or decide not to form until they have one. the races all have / had their space. Some were invaded or coloniallized, which made problems — like seeking expulsion for jews. Problems that can or are being corrected. Explusion is never necessary, and so validations of Hitler, Nazis, pogroms, etc yet remain canards. Referencing that is NLP on top of the bare truth that each race/creed has a place and maximalization in Life.

Societies can draw lines (policies) about what is just and correct within those nations - and others can leave, or adapt (keep low), or diffuse (integrate). Again, diffusion means the elimination of the nature of coherent-groups. Another group may form (a new creed), but this is not continuity. If we frame the dissolution of any one group (e.g. Jews) then a whole model needs to also frame the dissolution of any/all other groups (euro-whites, africans, chinese, native americans, and others). Anything else is indefensible. The common antisemtic rhetorical devices and NLP only frame the dissolution of groups they fear because of strength and proximity.


So again not to omit the metaphysics - If Jews are a chosen - why? Moreso than a gloss answer of divine-selection, how is Divine selection part of another trait that is desireable? It surely must follow model of competitveness, to the degress that comeptitiveness is relevant to the completeness and timelessness of the Divine Knowing and divine being itself.

It also follows that Jews, intuitively maximising their connection and actions aligned with their jewishness, and having reached one plateau (thus being ‘chosen’), would consitute a model that any race or creed can pursue in maximizing their actualization. Thus Jews being ‘chosen’ is not competitive (in ‘true wholism’) nor makes other races nor creeds as lesser — merely at a different point in time for reaching such actualization. I.E. the nature of the actualization and ‘chosenness’ may also look quite different.

Perhaps even this was what occult Nazi sought for, in formulating the goals of a Vril Society.

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