Macroscopic Apoptosis and Police Brutality as Emergence

i wonder if cops killing innocent people is a kind of apoptosis in the ecosystem of humanity. I don’t support police brutality and these behaviors, let me say that. I think decisions should be made with more precision. So pardon the mixed morality of the poetics.

But beyond-human-morality, ‘stochastically’, maybe the police-level of consciousness is a form of metabolism where weak cells are divested. It almost seems like this is the subconscious ideation of those in the position to take such actions.

maybe this is exactly how cops think and it’s the root of the behavior

I mean that’s part of the reason why people think so well of them too They think the function is necessary because it feels almost intuitive “Service to society” it’s a kind priesthood an order like a secret society inducted to this knowledge often symbolically, without higher command of the thoughts and language passed down from one ot another oral tradition and part of the defensiveness that cops have for each other. The induction to this secret language and moral order

§2020 Rioting

A significant part of the ghetto police experience is managing all the regulatory bureaucracy to deal with the apoptosis those people do to each other. i.e., cleaning up bodies and victims and processing the loss. They are the front end first response that assesses and then calls in necessary forces for proper management. Indeed, this is what is said of the method of action of the COVID virus. “SARS-CoV-2 may be exploiting our immune system’s ‘first responder’ cells”


the apoptosis riddle maybe be about why the phenomenon is emerging. Does it need to? If nor, when did it start? Did it, as a virus, emerge from the immune system in the way that @tamrael and I and others have suggested - where a malfunctioning immune system creates disease, rather than ‘catching’ them.

Maybe we, as a nation, were seeking to avoid our own apoptosis when we came to this country - performing slavery and genocide. That was the root action. To avoid propagating the virus we need to abate that mechanism which manifested it in the first

probably that old way of handling apoptosis isn’t working anymore, and that’s the nature of this US/semi-global phenomenon

§Police Policy Modifications

  • End Qualified immunity
  • Make them carry liability insurance
  • Body cam’s turned immediately fired
  • *turned off
  • Pensions are tied to their liability insurance
  • And staying hired
  • Want to be psuedo-preists and not postmodern working class overseers
  • Keep it capitalistic
  • money becomes and efficient instrument

That may not solve the potential apoptosis riddle. If they exist in part as dogs of a garbage collecting war, then creating an economy that penalizes that may backfire in another way. Again also outside of humans’ ken

One should not seek to validate brutalizations. Rather to understand if they exist for organic and emergent reasons. Which would mean they will re-emerge, like water around a rock.

§End of the Police

the argument is that most times police are called, instead a social worked is needed but it might emerge a kind of cancer where incorrect systemic behaviors, those that are against evolutionary trending, will be maintained and promulgated i.e. the meek inheriting the earth autophagy / apotosis creates healthy systems ironic tha we would envivion a more brutal and dangerous society but it has been decades of people saying that childhood is no longer safe, like in the old days

Origins of the police in America.

Papa Sapling says about this: Part of what raised Europe’s IQ was harsh punishment for criminals. Commiting crime often got you killed, and the nobility/law abiding eventually outbred the uncivilized

§Alternative Health Modalities

I think what is at-play right now, with defunding calls, is to question what part of the state should perform that apoptosis. Whether the system can bear to maintain dysfunctioning elements (people), requires time to see or review of other phenomenological analogues.

Clearly, the healthiest bodies do not abandon this process. In fact, when apoptosis fails in the body, the resulting phenomena is cancer.

But are there other forms of apoptosis? Is the Gates Foundation sterilization program an attempt at a more ‘humane’ method? I.E. is that a path toward the legend of the planet Krypton (all citizens working perfectly) ?

Wondering what else we might see? Presuming we’d be looking for a candidate phenomenon as having

  • the same outcome as apoptosis,
  • but without the killing,
  • and without the cancer


In Legend of the Grail Kings, it mentions of lore that shew-ma-na bread cured cancer through healthy tissue resonantly tuning the cancerous DNA to non-cancerous tissue.

Thus, apoptosis can be circumvented ideally by having a repair mechanisms of the cell, which prevent it from going cancerous — perhaps like in some species.

Is resonance a kind of communism? Inductive mechanics of change nature/state toward a model of holism. Is disease creativity? Is the risk that shamanic-sickness kills you, the cost of evolution beyond Sovereign State of Amity ?

Some of this parable was told with the Krypton story, too, as Lara and Jor El conspire against a perfect Kryptonian communism in order to copnceive and borth a child through random natural processes.

§Multi-phase Living Systems

Perhaps their is an analogue here where police, not exactly being derived from the community, do not have a certain signature — which allows for a non-inflammatory response. An inflammatory response being akin to tissue rejection.

I guess this could be political systems going to hermetics: if a tissue moves/is out of phase with the rest of the system, is it invisible? Are angels and demons the policing structure of the morphogenic field. Are they ‘aliens’ that ‘step in’ to our world only when they’re ‘on vacation’ and playing ‘social media’ with us instead of doing their jobs?

§Macroscope and Race/Creed as Scale

The vita for this line of thinking, in part, came from a recent study on the mechanism of anesthesia in the state of consciousness. Namely that lipid rafts are the holographic lenses of the cell, and form a holographic unity of biophotons.

This same process may form a society’s collective consciousness.

Disease and disease-vectored behaviors may similarly express themselves. This is part of the next edge of the macroscopes-of-scale ‘quantum scale power law’ idea.

Groups form as ergodic emergence at a given scale, and fibrations (distributed/entangled from the rest of peer groups with similar ergodicity) will drive characteristics that appear to be emergent or phenomenological. Insofar as these fibrations relate to the inverse length scale of a scale-envelope, the emergence can take the form of disease, and have covariant expression with e.g. behavioral pattern of the group.

This model would suggest that certain behaviors, by members of a scale-group, could lead to disease, even in the absence of exposure to the medically-accepted material components of the disease — and further, given continuance of the behaviors whilst controlling for the material components, would quantize new material emergences, or otherwise new emergent disease patterns.

Control for ‘all of these’ and eventually you end with unit-integration within the ergodicity (envelope, or some ‘major bundling subset’ within it). e.g. society integration at some level.

Then boom. Lot’s wife get’s turned to salt.

§War, Apoptosis, and Economy

Saddam Hussein was financially backing a supergun project that could launch projectiles / loads into space. It was designed by Gerald Bull. Saddam was intending to become a space-power with it, which would have re-made Iraq as the center of the arab world, and the arab world a legit world power on the scale of US/Russian/China.  

That alone should be enough to explain 9/11 to anyone, even without the hysterical levels of military porkbarrel fraud behind it (hint: military industrial complex doesn’t rely on banks / central banks)

I have the impression that banks don’t play a large role in capitalizing wealth from war — instead that wealth goes to private underwriters working through bank-like entities such as hedges, private bonding organizations, and sovereign wealth funds

i am also conjecturing that 9/11 could have been an operation that (in part) created a massive growth of wealth specifically outside the MIC.  Obviously (ex?-)mossad agents were paid to prep the building, and Silverstein was tipped to get a terrorism insurance policy, but that seems like the only jewish-banking-conspiracy connection, and not much wealth generation.

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