Terroir Isostructure

Terroir Isostructure

I was sitting here thinking about datetime formats and I was thinking of some way to extend a datetime string to is includes a notation for describing a space setting This would be like a Spatial-dynamics metadata

Like the way the orbit of people’s minds creates changes in environment. Erosion changes from roads infrastructure policies and design.

§Tensor Moment format

I am wondering if this is something like the way that tensor moments are described for earthquakes. One of the first differences there is the amount of energy that is expressed in the short period of time. I don’t recall if the tensor moment has an implicit description of time scale and relaxation.

If you were describing the flow of things across the terrain of the land, you would have longer time scales and potential he the same energy function. Conceivably could be the same if you were describing atmosphere changes above that terrain. There would be some time integration problems with resolution of complexity versus the simplicity to describe it in notation


I also wonder about a component for phase. The tensor moment is fine for ground environs because the medium is largely incompressible. Functions may also need to describe some percentile of the aggregate energy of the system

§Field manifolds are not new

In searching for a descriptor language & notation for terrain, one quickly understands the pervasiveness of study in the mathematics of 2D and 3D functions. These studies range from the core of geometry optimization, and potential / local deviations, to the modeling of geometry elasticity - which may even be a form of describe multiphase rigid/non-rigid descriptor.

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