The ghost is a machine

Architecture must become embedded with the digital space. This is more than telepresence or trans humanism, it is a complete mesh of the various realms that we think across. Messages by email, or text message, or voicemail, will eventually not be separate. People will not think that they are leaving a voicemail for anyone, family friends, strangers, on the Internet via comments, etc. We will simply communicate for others. The concept of synchronous versus asynchronous communication will blur dramatically from what we think of it today. The distance and disassociative separateness that so many people already feel from daily life, and the institutions that attempt to inculcate us to their traditions, Will become expressed. Our natural stochastic staccato will be harmonized with architecture and infrastructure. Our communications will be geospatial and topically situated. Our location awareness and topic – form historical consciousness - will naturally evolve into a semantic perspective of our world. we will design messages as consciousness intended – for a intended target audience, whenever and wherever in time the recipient may be. Are longing will reach across the natural boundaries that it always exceeded in dreams and fantasies. Now, the new architecture and infrastructure will bring our minds and voices to our flocks and comrades. We will meet and connect with those of like heart, and our Will will draw us together from the corners of the world. Architecture will become the portal for our communication if not eventually then the portal for our travel and reunion. The surfaces of our architecture will change. They will reflect the communication of the world. They will become like libraries. We will wander through the myriads of voices, ready to pluck one – like a book from the shelf – to engage in it and engorge our senses ….. in togetherness, with the creator of that message, who awaits – fervently – for another voice with which to resound. Walls emoting with hearts and minds across the hall and across the world. I Eyewear embedded interfaces overlaying new horizons, augmenting the space around us with navigation toward one another. Rooms, hallways, and grand areas, where in join patches and pockets of the voices of those who are present with us – perhaps heard through our headsets as we move through the space. Messages left in special corners from wistful dreamers, or the lovers of the special nuances in vistas of the space. ….Left for the last person standing at the balcony looking down into the atrium. Will be profound thoughts of a place be any different then the top comment in a social media forum? Every message left everywhere for every person that comes through – seen and heard and uplifted or discarded by each. A consensus of the Commons, by the Commons, for the posterity of all. A true democracy that is sovereign upon the indigenousness of authentic experience. A Congress inadmissible to no one and composed only of those that truly care. Roadways and hallways that take you to the people and experiences you seek. Transportation that is organized by timing and attention. Traffic patterns created out of our intention and follow-through. Grids in traffic markers painted only for you to swift you towards your destination. Terrain that is as physical as telepresent. Routes and destinations created of the sea of voices calling out to one another and moving in synchrony like murmurations. Every kind of digital, online, location you know of today will continue to change until it has become invisible and identical with the architecture and infrastructure of the world.

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