The Numismatic Holofractal

We were riffing jokes about money, and we started to mix in holofractal. that the universe itself is fiat, keeps no reserves, and wholly-integrates interest, loaning everything to increase dimensionality. a numismatic holofractal. helluva currency.

§Fractal Time

One could hardly start a fractal discussion of time without mention of the Tzolkin.

Let us also consider the metaphysical conjectures of the modern scientific minds, as well, beginning with Bohm.

§on Blockains

Add in the most sophisticated blockchain possible, and you got yourself some real cosmic accounting.

A close friend of mine (JD) texted me out of the blue with a cryptic declaration that consciousness is a blockchain – and the ultimate crytopgraphic math is the removal of suffering (dukkha) from that chain.

We have a collab project idea, called HRS (human resonance system), which is a a form of social media. They conjectured that HRS is the architecture of the protocol for the removal of dukkha from the blockchain of consciousness.


Numismatic - of coinage or currency

late 18th century: from French numismatique, via Latin from Greek nomisma, nomismat- ‘current coin,’ from nomizein ‘use currently.’

  • Numisdynamic
  • Numismurmur
  • Numismydraulic

Numeristic :: numertistic

Projectiographic integration… of nine stitches in time, into a single one.

Calculus of projectiology allowing consciousness to formulate a frustum of the future, and integrate it into the now. An arms race of claresentience. Humans would continue on this in ceaseless continuum were it not for the need to rest. From this arises aphorisms like “money never sleeps” that address our humanity and the complexity of this arms race.

  • Coinage / physical
  • Social network
    • Subcultures are self-marginalization
  • Love / family

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