Singularity Investigation

I should first like to preface that the 'singularity' concepts that I am attempting to build here, thus far, are not intended to relate to the 'singularity theory' of exotic mathematical fame. These concepts are my attempt to write about a model for the systemic linkage of oscillation across vaccuum, subatomic, atomic, molecular and material envelopes. This linkage causes teh system to operate a unified whole - a 'singularity.'


Using quantum effect for communication

This document is now quite old, and was even then targetted to a non-scientific audience. It still serves as a stepping-stone into this concept, which I still feel there is possibility for.


This paper is a summary of many of my reserach explorations into this phenomenon, as well as model building that was done in collaboration with a colleague in the Netherlands.

Vortex Phenomenon

This is a wide array of functioning which occurs in highly laminar vortex systems, some of which I feel elucidate the operation of systemic singularities.