A collaborative time capsule, for which was rendered a virtual 'breathing' portal based on space-time telemetry.
This portal telemtry is used to locate the time capsule in astral/virtual space, including an egg-form cross-section of a vortex gate. The telemetry also provides a space-time bearing in the event the time capsule should be opened in the future. This image is inscribed on a plate of glass that is placed inside tunnel capsule. The plate has not been imaged in order to give the actuality of the physical form more gravity to a dowsing mind.

Telemetry Sketches for locating time capsule on Earth

Telemetry Sketch of target resolution

Hillside sketch of tunnel/time capsule

Tribune Review article prior to project occuring

Overhead map of tunnel/time capsule site

Tunnel/Time capsule opening at the power plant

A call-for-artists listing published on Grafitti.org.

Project also involved the participation of 40+ artists from surrounding states, legal waivers for use of the site, coordination of site work, arranging for utility needs on-site and all other planning start to finish. It was covered on televeision as part of a piece about the Dixmont State Mental Hospital:
WQED channel 13, On - Q Magazine; The Dixmont Documentary was broadcast on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27th, at 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM. There was a follow-up run on Friday, November 28th at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Image from the retrieval of Dorthia Dix's original time capsule


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