Proof of concept piece

Exploration of this concept happened when I first received a laser pointer and began to experiment with it. One of the first ideas to occur to me was to see if the beam of a laser was detectable via dowsing. This proved to be the case, and further testing revealed that a beam, crossed with itself or another laser, would result in a vortex point phenomenon that is familiar to dowsing.

The nature of this effect seemed to revolve around the length of the beam. More precisely, this is probably a matter of the dispersivity of the beam. The farther it travels (throw distance), the more medium there is to absorb photonic energy. This being the case would allow dowsing to be used to measure new metrics previously difficult to approach.

The realization of this project led to the understanding that the ability to dowse such a highly quantified construct as a laser would allow for the concordance of dowsing phenomenon previously devoid of quantification. Ley line phenomenon, including water, metal, geo-magnetism, sound and [especially] thought, could be quantified by associating the dowsed readings with those of a laser - an artifice of known quantities.

To rendering this inital point of realization, I created the following work; a compact setup that fits within a small parcel tube, capable of illustrating the basic laser dowsing phenomenon.


Small cardboard tube containing all components.

Materials include: Cardboard tube container with plastic caps, laser pointer, wood clip, first-surface mirrors, cardboard stands, shims and a sub-container (also used for alignment).

When assembled and aligned, laser will self-intersect (as caught here in the sub-container). A self-intersecting beam produces vortex ley phenomenon traditional to dowsing.