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The Projective Temple

These pieces, below, are the first I’ve seen to denote how others considered that projective means, from a single/central form, would be used by Solomon (and perhaps other ancient temple-builders).

The ghost is a machine

Architecture must become embedded with the digital space. This is more than telepresence or trans humanism, it is a complete mesh of the various realms that we think across.

Big Data and Collective Bargaining

The big data trend thus begs the question: if effective big data could be represented in politics, would it be used to craft policy that reflects public sentiment? Would big data instead be used only to shape campaigns to maximize voting?

On Consciousness and Cataclysm

When 4chan spawned a meme of (Japanese) pokémon raising an overactive China, I had the sense that this was part of a ‘species’ of memes that identifies semi-structures, or emergent, patterns in worldly events