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An Attention Topology, as Measured in Distance Intention Effects Upon Water Crystals The recent work by Radin, Lund, Emoto & Kizu [1] performs a well-blinded study on the effects of distance intention upon water crystallization, with positive quantitative effects expected by the prior art.  Their work shows the relative amounts of beautiful water crystallization in three water samples: those that were treated with distance intention (IT), […]

Telluric Energies and the Structure of Creation

This posting comes from ‘guest writer’ David White, with who I have been sharing the pleasure of excellent conversations. I’m thinking more lately about telluric currents, and I’m remembering about the distinction you made between telluric currents and ley lines.That being, telluric currents flow vertically up and down within the earth, from core to surface, […]

Aliens Encoding the Water

I’d like to start a consideration. Starting today, be very considerate of what water you drink.  Water has a memory, and can be encoded with states of life – an essence that affects all in which it later comes in contact.  Alien species, looking to establish their position upon the Earth, would have the option […]

Phlogistication of Water – new fuels

The phlogiston is the essential energy / character expressed in the combustion process. It is independent from the substance(s) flowing through the combustion. Water may be said to have no inherent phlogiston. However, the resonant RF devices that make HHO devise a way to phlogisticate water