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The irrational effectiveness of Truth when timing political reform

This analysis really sums up something I’ve been trying, for a while, to place my finger on about the Trump campaign. I have been saying that Trump has been speaking the truth. I think that the more precise thing to say is that Trump has been speaking a form of truth that lives in people’s […]

Measure the Soft with the Soft

Chris Less, with Ars Technica, recently wrote about a Physical Review Letters publication regarding a curious discovery. It appears that weakly measuring photon (light) properties amplifies those properties.

A Solution to Ticket Scalping in NYC

Recently NY City Council began to lay brick toward regulation of the theater ticket market.  They feel it’s unfair that every ticket for a significant show sells out immediately at opening, then the majority reappear online for 150% – 400% the face value, or more. The Council is concerned (and rightly so) that this prevents […]

Koons made genius, if even by luck alone

For those without context to Jeff Koons, or only feeling one side of his work, here you will find the various sides of the commenting allow for arrival at an acceptable median-point. For the rest of the picture this article shall present, have open Koons website The Banality series is an important facet. (no direct […]

Hope Commemorates It

How exalted, our heart, when celebration is liberated from fear.  The world returns edenic, and we walk naked between the folds of our sensation.  By sacrificing our separateness to the divine appetite, telepathic communion makes limber the footsteps of our passion.