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A Nat’l Center for Chemistry Education

Ash Jogulegar proposed a National Center for Chemistry Education (NCCE) as a non-partisan, non-corp chemistry education lobbying organization volunteering time for the improving public knowledge. So pure of an intention is almost irrevocably on-course for corruption. Still, I applaud the goal.

Protecting privacy and dissent in the US

It’s been interesting to read the text of the Arms Trade Treaty. Enacting the treaty will require a registry of all imported arms, ammo, and related products. So that includes those fine Berettas. It also includes scopes and “related products” The impact is limited to imported guns, and we can prevent registry of arms made […]

BMI for coding at the speed of thought

Let us layout a use for BMIs that could have broad impact. The model project at this time is a BMI for controlling Vim, an extensible text editing environment used by software engineers. The motto of Vim is ‘precision editing at the speed of thought.’ I see Vim’s existing UI is uniquely ready to accept […]

A Treatise on Telluric Mechanisms

I recently had the pleasure of reading on the rich and rare topic of the mechanism of pyramids in telluric currents. Really it can be seen as an operational guide for telluric engineering. The Secrets Of The Pyramids Revealed, by Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujić. The work of Kanjski and Zujić is a turn-on because […]

The Future of Theater in American Culture

Ken Davenport is rally doing something phenomenal. It seems he is the first major producer, or among the first, to produce a Broadway show funded by community investors. With median investments between $20-40, and demographics including priests, teachers, and truck drivers pitching in for Godspell. He is also the utilizing social media in real ways, […]

The Zohar, Pritzker edition

The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 1 by Daniel Chanan Matt My rating: 4 of 5 stars As a Hebrew student, but non-native reader, I found the Pritzker edition of the Zohar to be the best I’ve read. The Zohar is a work of vast depth, however, and this edition did not substitute for a lack […]

… in which I explain how Find My iPhone actually doesn’t help you find your iPhone

#10-194309 Stolen iPhone police incident number You’d like to think that in a time where we have such slick, instant feedback, don’t-big-bro-me-bro, omniscient technology… that you could actually use find-my-device location services to get your phone back! Imagine the scenario: you’ve setup your fancy-pants iPhone with Apple’s own Find My iPhone app, tested it and are […]

The future is a ‘hidden service’ for net-neutality

I think the notion of “not degrading normal service” is itself a misnomer in the larger debate – and going to sell everyone down the same river of traffic prioritization.

How games-as-art closer reveals the heart of Art work

Roger Ebert’s recent piece that challenges the presence of Art within games is wonderful. Though I think his article has a mix of flaws and insights, the essential elements that drive criticism are wholly important. It has generated response from key people in the dialogue, and so much hating. I think the stand-out things to me are:

Coptic ‘grail’ allusions in the Denver parish of St. Mark

The Church / Seven Candles 1160 Lincoln St Denver‎ CO United States An opportunity arrived to investigate the parish of St. Mark, after its gothic-evoking exterior elements were spotted from the street.  The site is current in use as a club venue called Seven Candles – turned over to the business sometime after 1988 when […]