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Street Performer Licensure in Times Square

Street performers, particularly the desnudas, are getting outrage now: coordinated pickpocketing teams, drug and sex solicitation, groping by people wearing masks, etc.  Treating such workers as other street vendors is an easy fix by filtering only those who are truly professional. Every performer in Times Square needs an RFID license-badge, and plainclothes officers use scanners to pick […]

Venn Study

I’ve been considering visual join semantics, and decided to start with Venn Diagrams.  Venns have a strong intent to convey technically-accurate relationship information.  One can presume many different stylizations of the base pattern, which isn’t really in-scope here.

Big Data vs. Business Intelligence

A discussion today involved the perspective that the BI (business intelligence) involves more human-entered data, whereas Big Data is machine generated.

Human Resources 2.1

Lets iterate on our external HR practice. When passing on candidates we have an exceptional opportunity to improve the image of the company and the state of our industry generally.