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The ghost is a machine

Architecture must become embedded with the digital space. This is more than telepresence or trans humanism, it is a complete mesh of the various realms that we think across.

Here There Are Dragons

In 1967, Michael Falkov, wrote in his work “of Other spaces ” In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure and the police take the place of pirates. This is a great landmark within the terrain of mystery, in our relationship to the exploration of its map. Our map, today, […]

A Treatise on Telluric Mechanisms

I recently had the pleasure of reading on the rich and rare topic of the mechanism of pyramids in telluric currents. Really it can be seen as an operational guide for telluric engineering. The Secrets Of The Pyramids Revealed, by Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujić. The work of Kanjski and Zujić is a turn-on because […]

The Development of Outer Space Diplomacy

A few interesting pieces of context exist, for the context of human’s current and active relationship to space-faring races. The fist, because it’s my favorite story, comes from founder Linda Moulton Howe – who told of meeting a retiree of the US DIA, whose official capacity was to “monitor the changes in geo-political divisions between non-humans living on the Earth.” ~Spectacular~

Telluric Energies and the Structure of Creation

This posting comes from ‘guest writer’ David White, with who I have been sharing the pleasure of excellent conversations. I’m thinking more lately about telluric currents, and I’m remembering about the distinction you made between telluric currents and ley lines.That being, telluric currents flow vertically up and down within the earth, from core to surface, […]

On Consciousness and Cataclysm

When 4chan spawned a meme of (Japanese) pokémon raising an overactive China, I had the sense that this was part of a ‘species’ of memes that identifies semi-structures, or emergent, patterns in worldly events

The Necessity of Patriarchy?

In the absence of challenges, the portrayal of men does not leave any sense of the kingly qualities that man, at his fullest and most noble, is capable. What’s a girl to do if she already has the best mousetrap? Build a better mouse.

Aliens Encoding the Water

I’d like to start a consideration. Starting today, be very considerate of what water you drink.  Water has a memory, and can be encoded with states of life – an essence that affects all in which it later comes in contact.  Alien species, looking to establish their position upon the Earth, would have the option […]