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Street Performer Licensure in Times Square

Street performers, particularly the desnudas, are getting outrage now: coordinated pickpocketing teams, drug and sex solicitation, groping by people wearing masks, etc.  Treating such workers as other street vendors is an easy fix by filtering only those who are truly professional. Every performer in Times Square needs an RFID license-badge, and plainclothes officers use scanners to pick […]

The Projective Temple

These pieces, below, are the first I’ve seen to denote how others considered that projective means, from a single/central form, would be used by Solomon (and perhaps other ancient temple-builders).

The Opposite of Gnosticism

If Horus / pseudodionysus is a Christ-form, then (the Greek) Atë is the antagonist. A challenger of the true-evils of self: pride, vanity, malice, etc; Atë renders a close approximation to the role of a satan. ‘satanism’ would not be the opposite of gnosticism. A satan is the Obstructor, not the obstructed. Gnosticism’s opposite may […]

Pittsburghese as a form of ‘mill-speak’

I have a running theory about where the Pittsburgh accent came from. I think it comes from the mill days. The mills were loud, and people had to shout over the din of labor. When you speak loudly, you can’t maintain all the tones and inflection that words normally require for ‘articulate speech’. Try it: […]

The ghost is a machine

Architecture must become embedded with the digital space. This is more than telepresence or trans humanism, it is a complete mesh of the various realms that we think across.

The Mathematical Foundations of Law

To the ends of each and all, the suspension of any right may only come with the definition for reversal of the suspension. Necessitating a definition for reversal shall ensure that laws and judgements are commutative, in addition to following by the traditional foundations of distributive and associative structure. In order to continue living as […]

Dissent as the core-value for media messages

I think the US can strengthen the message of gun ownership, and its position among an expanding audience, by advancing the message of the importance of dissent. Descent is a key value for the practice of liberty. Dissent is enshrined in every facet of our Bill of Rights.(1)

A Nat’l Center for Chemistry Education

Ash Jogulegar proposed a National Center for Chemistry Education (NCCE) as a non-partisan, non-corp chemistry education lobbying organization volunteering time for the improving public knowledge. So pure of an intention is almost irrevocably on-course for corruption. Still, I applaud the goal.

Economies of scale in the rendering of the unmanifest

I will propose that there is an importance in using the visual format in rendering sci-fi. A visual format is more rich and highly-dimensional (‘bandwidth’) than text.

Human Resources 2.1

Lets iterate on our external HR practice. When passing on candidates we have an exceptional opportunity to improve the image of the company and the state of our industry generally.