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A Treatise on Telluric Mechanisms

I recently had the pleasure of reading on the rich and rare topic of the mechanism of pyramids in telluric currents. Really it can be seen as an operational guide for telluric engineering. The Secrets Of The Pyramids Revealed, by Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujić. The work of Kanjski and Zujić is a turn-on because […]

The Faces of a Fractal

The Imageboard of discussion produces interesting gems. I will highlight this one, presenting various ways in which the ‘dragon curve’ fractal can be produced. Fractal are an important part of Dimensional Analysis. The tool… instrument… mental model… of Dimensional Analysis has seen a great rise in past century, where-before we saw such analysis limited to:

Telluric Energies and the Structure of Creation

This posting comes from ‘guest writer’ David White, with who I have been sharing the pleasure of excellent conversations. I’m thinking more lately about telluric currents, and I’m remembering about the distinction you made between telluric currents and ley lines.That being, telluric currents flow vertically up and down within the earth, from core to surface, […]

Cancer models from the sewers

It may be a ‘bigger picture’ model of tumors and other growths – they are tissues / etc that are displaced, with volition to thrive, they act together to survive in a relatively-alien environment

Blood holograph in the human body louse?

An interesting article was published recently, related to mitochondria and blood in humans: Renfu Shao, Ewen F. Kirkness and Stephen C. Barker. “The single mitochondrial chromosome typical of animals has evolved into 18 minichromosomes in the human body louse, Pediculus humanus.” Genome Resaerch. published online March 31, 2009. doi: 10.1101/gr.08318 The presence of such chromosomal diversity, particularly with respect to […]

Phlogistication of Water – new fuels

The phlogiston is the essential energy / character expressed in the combustion process. It is independent from the substance(s) flowing through the combustion. Water may be said to have no inherent phlogiston. However, the resonant RF devices that make HHO devise a way to phlogisticate water