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An Attention Topology, as Measured in Distance Intention Effects Upon Water Crystals The recent work by Radin, Lund, Emoto & Kizu [1] performs a well-blinded study on the effects of distance intention upon water crystallization, with positive quantitative effects expected by the prior art.  Their work shows the relative amounts of beautiful water crystallization in three water samples: those that were treated with distance intention (IT), […]

Dissecting Executive Function with Spritz

I was recently exposed to a technology that is about to hit the scene:  Spritz.  A technology for rapid reading.  Think like Matrix-info-download speeds… or so we would all like to imagine. Can it ultimately change our language?

Venn Study

I’ve been considering visual join semantics, and decided to start with Venn Diagrams.  Venns have a strong intent to convey technically-accurate relationship information.  One can presume many different stylizations of the base pattern, which isn’t really in-scope here.

The Morphology of Synchronicity

Can we create better communities by deepening our understanding of tacit collaboration and connectedness values in relationships?

The ghost is a machine

Architecture must become embedded with the digital space. This is more than telepresence or trans humanism, it is a complete mesh of the various realms that we think across.

The Mathematical Foundations of Law

To the ends of each and all, the suspension of any right may only come with the definition for reversal of the suspension. Necessitating a definition for reversal shall ensure that laws and judgements are commutative, in addition to following by the traditional foundations of distributive and associative structure. In order to continue living as […]

Here There Are Dragons

In 1967, Michael Falkov, wrote in his work “of Other spaces ” In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure and the police take the place of pirates. This is a great landmark within the terrain of mystery, in our relationship to the exploration of its map. Our map, today, […]

BMI for coding at the speed of thought

Let us layout a use for BMIs that could have broad impact. The model project at this time is a BMI for controlling Vim, an extensible text editing environment used by software engineers. The motto of Vim is ‘precision editing at the speed of thought.’ I see Vim’s existing UI is uniquely ready to accept […]

Economies of scale in the rendering of the unmanifest

I will propose that there is an importance in using the visual format in rendering sci-fi. A visual format is more rich and highly-dimensional (‘bandwidth’) than text.

The Faces of a Fractal

The Imageboard of discussion produces interesting gems. I will highlight this one, presenting various ways in which the ‘dragon curve’ fractal can be produced. Fractal are an important part of Dimensional Analysis. The tool… instrument… mental model… of Dimensional Analysis has seen a great rise in past century, where-before we saw such analysis limited to: