The irrational effectiveness of Truth when timing political reform

This analysis really sums up something I’ve been trying, for a while, to place my finger on about the Trump campaign.

I have been saying that Trump has been speaking the truth. I think that the more precise thing to say is that Trump has been speaking a form of truth that lives in people’s hearts. In reality, this is as tragically relativistic of the Truth as ‘truth’ can often be. Trump is speaking to the true face of peoples’ identity. Our identities are very often a collage of hopes and beliefs and other mo our identities are very often a collage of hopes, and often-incorrect-beliefs, and other morasses. 

 A persuasive person understands how to speak to that irrational truth of each individual. 

Flowing without, this is the same reason why Sanders’ campaign began something so strong. Complementary and ironic to the nature of Trump’s strength, Sanders’ strength is in the irrational truth he speaks to is the actual Truth behind the lies of our system: one that denies individual liberty under the injustice of a constitutionally corrupt and inequitable social system.  

Sanders and Trump or campaigning outside of The Matrix of political rules and illusion. Whereas I believe Bernie Sanders is using his ‘reality distortion field’ power of irrational disruption to forge a new society, were more people have the opportunity to be self-aware and achieve the dreams of our national spirit — I believe that Trump is using his irrational persuasion to manufacture another Matrix of political illusion, principally similar to the one we already have in place. Trump is telling a ‘small truth’ ( relativistic) of the intent to smash the current political Matrix, and from this his lie derives power.

Clinton, Cruz, Romney, and the rest are all stewards of the mediocre Matrix of illusions that has owned us for many decades.  

The Game changes this year. None of the rational party campaigning is winning. The shell of the corrupt old system is fragile enough that the irrationality of Truth can break through. What we choose to create relies in-part on which candidate we allow the corrupt parties to nominate, and which candidate we select as president. 

Those whose minds are wealthy with the abundance of self-confidence will get richer ( despite adversity ), and those whose minds are impoverished with the malaise of apathy will continue to go broke ( despite opportunity ). But the template for the world that will be created shall come from the ethics of our intent. 

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