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Protecting privacy and dissent in the US

It’s been interesting to read the text of the Arms Trade Treaty. Enacting the treaty will require a registry of all imported arms, ammo, and related products. So that includes those fine Berettas. It also includes scopes and “related products” The impact is limited to imported guns, and we can prevent registry of arms made […]

BMI for coding at the speed of thought

Let us layout a use for BMIs that could have broad impact. The model project at this time is a BMI for controlling Vim, an extensible text editing environment used by software engineers. The motto of Vim is ‘precision editing at the speed of thought.’ I see Vim’s existing UI is uniquely ready to accept […]

Big Data and Collective Bargaining

The big data trend thus begs the question: if effective big data could be represented in politics, would it be used to craft policy that reflects public sentiment? Would big data instead be used only to shape campaigns to maximize voting?

Big Data vs. Business Intelligence

A discussion today involved the perspective that the BI (business intelligence) involves more human-entered data, whereas Big Data is machine generated.