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Relational Chemistry: the Narcolepton

Narcolepton, n. That elementary particle of consciousness, binding suddenly, to tie together the sleepy material world when we decohere from the rhythm of higher consciousness. Narcolepton decay occurs when a higher vibrational state converts to a lower vibrational state in a process that stabilizes the rhythm in a relationship commonly defined by chemistry.

The Future of Theater in American Culture

Ken Davenport is rally doing something phenomenal. It seems he is the first major producer, or among the first, to produce a Broadway show funded by community investors. With median investments between $20-40, and demographics including priests, teachers, and truck drivers pitching in for Godspell. He is also the utilizing social media in real ways, […]

Measure the Soft with the Soft

Chris Less, with Ars Technica, recently wrote about a Physical Review Letters publication regarding a curious discovery. It appears that weakly measuring photon (light) properties amplifies those properties.

A Solution to Ticket Scalping in NYC

Recently NY City Council began to lay brick toward regulation of the theater ticket market. ¬†They feel it’s unfair that every ticket for a significant show sells out immediately at opening, then the majority reappear online for 150% – 400% the face value, or more. The Council is concerned (and rightly so) that this prevents […]